We have been reckoning with a world that is full of holes, and we cannot deny our grief.

What is a hole? A hole is a hollow place in a solid body or surface. An aperture passing through something. A small or unpleasant place; an animal’s burrow. Spaces where something, or someone, once was. Wounds. Openings. Portals.

Is a hole real? Does an absence of matter represent a real space? Can we perceive absence if absence itself is fundamentally immaterial?

We know full well that we perceive the loss we face. We feel it when we are taken from.

We invite you to consider that grief is the ceremony of reconciling with an absence. Grief is a natural precipitate to the formation of a hole: grief is the remainder of the thing asking what has been lost, and what it will be looking for next.

We editors-in-grief have assembled with care this collection of ceremony from our contributors so that we may explore together these openings and what may lay within.

With care,
The Pointed Circle Team


Güzide Ertürk
Luca Curleigàse
Loulou Fernandez
Kip Franich
Samantha Henderson-Bluhm
Geeta Lewis
Celia Estelle Paglin Luce
Winter Snow
Abel Valladares Flores

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